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Online Repeater Directory by ARTSCI. Super site! Nationwide, all bands. You will come here often.

The Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA)

Packet Radio & Internet Gateways

"LVW BBS" on 145.09 1200 baud/441.100 9600 baud, operated by N5UD and N5OWS

Dallas/Fort Worth APRS Packet
APRS World

FCC - Universal Licensing - Renew/upgrade/change info online.

Amateur Radio Exams from QRZ.com

Skywarn frequencies - Longview 444.725(+) (136.5), Smith County 147.00(-) (88.5),
Titus County 147.32(+) (151.4).

East Texas Skywarn Page
National Skywarn Home Page
Sam Barricklow's Storm Chase Home Page - Excellent photos for spotter training.

Selected links.

Amateur Radio

DXER.COM - Massive collection of amateur radio links and information.
Main Trading Company - Paris, TX - amateur and commercial radios
Hamradio.com - All Ham Radio Outlet stores combined into a single page.
DX Store
W5AC - the Texas A&M Amateur Radio Club.
Hamtrader.com - The Hamtrader - Home Of The FREE Radio & Electronics Classifieds
American Radio Relay League
Radio Call Sign Lookup (UALR)
Antenna heading/Great Circle Distance
Antenna heading/Great Circle Distance - alternate site
Get correct time from the U S Naval Observatory
Solar activity/space weather
Solar propagation conditions
160 meter radio propagation prediction table
North East Weak Signal Club. Vernon, CT - good ham links.
Meeting-people-with-ham-radios - Interesting article from datehookup.com


International Telecommunications Union ITU
Super hot sheet of categorized links
C-Net's Shareware Site
Street Map directory of the U.S. (Mapquest)
Switchboard.com Telephone WHITE PAGES

Local Radio Clubs

East Texas Amateur Radio Society
18512 CR 2294 Whitehouse, TX 75791

Regular meetings of the members will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM on one of the Society repeaters.

Longview-East Texas Amateur Radio Club (LETARC)

LETARC meets the second Saturday of each month at 9:00am at
the Red Cross Building on Hwy 31 South in Longview.

On-the-air meetings every Tuesday at 8:30 PM on 147.34.

Tyler Amateur Radio Club

The Tyler Amateur Radio Club meets every third Thursday of every month
at the Red Cross Building at 320 E. Rieck Road in Tyler at 7:00 p.m.
Club meetings are open to all interested persons, ham and non-ham alike,
regardless of club membership.

The Tyler Amateur Radio Club also conducts a weekly net on Mondays at
8:00 p.m. on the club's 147.00 MHz repeater. The net is open to all
licensed hams regardless of club membership.

Club information and news is also dispersed through the Club's monthly
newsletter, The GroundWire. Subscriptions to the newsletter is free to
all club members. Non-members may subscribe to the newsletter by
contacting the club secretary/treasurer.

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